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Frozen is a Animation, Adventure, Comedy with a runtime of 102 mins with your favorite movie stars.

I love my Diney films Shrek, Toy Story, Bugs Life but this, this, this I can not put into words- at first I was like oh they sing at the beginning its Disney I expect that, then they sing again and again and again, the songs were not any good, I quote “The windows open, so’s that door, I did not know they did that anymore…” I mean the hype this got, I was expected another Toy Story phenomenon but I mean how can people like this, I think Disney paid people to hype this up because I don’t see how it gets all this praise, then its a stupid musical it would have been fairly descent if it was not any singing in the film at all- but thats me I can’t watch musicals Grease is an exception when I was to Young to know what I was watching.2 STAR- excrement

This movie was pretty good musical. Indeed, this movie reminds me of 2003’s Broadway play musical Wicked on ice very much. It even has the actress, Idina Menzel from Wicked in this film, playing a similar character. Not only does it has a similar character to another musical, but the movie somewhat reminds me of other Disney princess films. It did kept with the Disney’s princess movies formula, with a few changes in the end. This movie was always wanted to be made by Walt Disney as he always love Hans Christian Andersen’s work

I took my wife to see “Frozen”, starring the voices of Kristen Bell- Gossip Girl-t.v., Pootie Tang; Idina Menzel-Glee-t.v